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It’s fun to spend time outdoors with your dog, but have you considered protecting their eyes from the sun’s powerful rays? That’s right, sunglasses aren’t just for humans. They are also great for keeping your dog’s eyes safe and comfortable when it’s sunny outside. But of course, sunglasses made for people are not the best option for dogs. That’s why many pet parents choose to purchase dog sunglasses to protect their dog’s eyes.

1) Made of len and metal frame, lightweight and durable.

2) Fashion Round Lens, Slim Frame, and Bright Color will make your dog more attractive

3) Eye Wear Protection, protect your dog eye from the sunshine hurt

4) Flexible legs, leg length is 7cm(2.7in), your pet will be comfortable to wear glasses.

5) Suitable for cat, small-sized dogs. The best decorations for pets when photographing.